05 October 2010

Video: Alan Grayson hates children, seniors, loves Satan

Grayson is the antichristianist moonbat Dem who took some video of his opponent Dan Webster out of context in a ad where he branded the man 'Taliban Dan' and accused him of 'extreme' views for quoting from the Bible.

Grayson is also the idiot who during the health care socialization debate accused the REPUBLICANS of telling sick people to 'die quickly', when the truth is that it is his own party that is most likely to promote euthanasia.

Here is a fake video ad created using the same (lack of) principle that Grayson's campaign used in the Taliban Dan ad.

Links (If you read or link to these posts, will Grayson have me sent to jail for 5 years?):
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Grayson wants to send critic to jail for 5 years
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