14 October 2011

If marriage is obsolete, why the Gay 'marriage' campaign?

Newsbusters reports on a CBS program promoting the idea that marriage is obsolete. They expressed their disdain in the following words:
''Marriage is an artificial institution. I mean, it's basically a morality cage for men.''

''Think about it. Men are supposed to run around the forest and propagate the species and do it multiple times a day. Do you think that we're supposed to be with one person for the rest of our lives? It's unnatural, and if it was the case we probably would not be sitting here right now.''

''There was a time when women needed a husband. And there are so many places in the world where they do, because otherwise they can't work, they can't support their families, they can't take care of their children. They needed that financial aspect, that financial security. Well now, women take care of themselves.''

'Women were getting married at young ages also because it legitimized their sexual desires and their sex lives, because we couldn't talk about women being sexual outside of wedlock. We don't need that anymore. We have the freedom.''

Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/paul-wilson/2011/10/14/cbs-jumps-anti-marriage-bandwagon#ixzz1alVYIYlI

The question is, if marriage is now all of a sudden a doomed institution which no-one needs, why oh why are the leftists/progressives trying to impose it on the Gay community? Shouldn't they instead be putting effort into convincing the straights to give up on marriage and fool around a little?

The fact is that the initial shock of the AIDS crisis convinced a significant percentage of the Gay community that there might be something wrong with the 'free love' lifestyle. Something deadly, in fact. There was even some talk by rebels in the Gay community about adopting monogamy as a lifestyle, though most wanted to defend the promiscuous lifestyle literally to the death--- the death of those who practiced that lifestyle. [Read "And the Band Played On" by Randy Shilts for details]

And then just as society's sympathy with the Gay community over AIDS reached its peak, this Gay 'marriage' thing came along to keep Gay folk isolated in their Gay communities once again by convincing Christians and conservatives that to be supportive of Gay family members and friends they'd need to give up their commitment to marriage as the normative lifestyle in which to raise emotionally healthy children.

And now, just as Gay 'marriage' has become law in several states, the leftists want us to abandon marriage altogether. What was the whole Gay 'marriage'/marriage equality fight for, then?

[Note: the author of this blog is a Gay female conservative who supports traditional marriage. Deal with it!]

06 October 2011

Why do atheist states kill so many millions?

The problem with the atheist religion is that there is nothing within atheism that gives a reason for not blowing your neighbor to kingdom come if the mood strikes you. History shows us that in the body count of those nations which have adopted official atheism as their belief system--- the Communist states. It comes to over 100 million, as you will see on this 'Communist Body Count' page.

Just one small sample of official atheism's death toll is the Holodomor--- the murder by starvation of from 5-7 million Ukrainians by the Soviet regime. While under a Christian worldview this planned-starvation massacre is unthinkable because each person killed is an immortal soul with an immortal destiny, for an atheist, a human is a mere clever animal and if they are in the way of your cause, well, there are plenty more clever animals where they came from.

The answer to the murdery atheist state question, I believe, is this: when you are willing to be open about the possibility of a God and of eternal rewards and punishments, or when you are surrounded by people who are open to this, your behavior is modified in the direction of obeying the standard moral rules (which, apart from details, are mostly shared across cultures and religions).

When you have accepted atheism as the One True Religion, and you live in an atheist state where only the devotees of this religion are eligible for positions of power, you live in a milieu where the very idea divine retribution for evil deeds is considered absurd. Therefore, if you want to just DO AWAY with some people who are blocking your idea of progress, your only concern is 'will I be caught and punished by my government for this?' If the answer is no--- if your government approves the killing, or if you are Joseph Stalin and run the government--- there is no good reason not to do the killings you need to do to carry out your plan. You'd be a fool not to do it, if it would aid your regime.

The problem of atheist state mass-murder has a tiny echo in the wave of bad behavior--- vandalism, riots/'protests' and the like--- carried out by teen atheists (some of them, of course, college age and older.) Most of them will outgrow their teen atheism the way people usually outgrow teen Wicca. But in the meantime, when they are spending their time hanging with their teen-atheist buddies, they are likely to do some rather bad behavior because their world-view is feeding off any tendencies they have toward teen rebellion. The only solution is for law enforcement NOT to let young people (of any religion) off with just a 'slap on the wrist' when they get involved in violent 'peaceful protests' or commit acts of ideologically motivated vandalism.

Apologetics 3:15: Is God Necessary for Morality?

04 October 2011

Candidate Barr advocates re-education camps and beheadings for those richer than she is

Ex-comedienne turned self-proclaimed candidate Roseanne Barr has a lovely policy for those making 100 million (more than her own 75 mil)--- steal their money, if that doesn't work, send them to re-education camps, and if that fails, behead them.

The theft part of her plan shows her ideological link to SCuM--- Socialists, Communists and Marxists. SCuM like to say 'property is theft' but the SCuM leaders are never willing to give me their own personal property even if I ask nicely. (Actually, socialism is theft.)

Roseanne seems to be unaware that even the most ardent advocate of the death penalty shies away from advocating that extreme punishment for anyone other than murderers. To extend it to the innocent--- for there is nothing immoral in a theft victim complaining of the theft--- is beyond the pale.

And re-education camps? These are institutions in which political dissidents are tortured, starved, beaten and brainwashed until they confess their political sins--- like having a grandfather who rented out a room and thus was a part of the landlord class. What Roseanne doesn't understand is that if you beat, starve and torture someone to get them to agree with you, that person is not your friend. He will only say nice things to you because you will hurt him if he doesn't. But he is your enemy for life and will plot your downfall.

I had assumed that most people would take this statement as proof that Roseanne is a profoundly mentally ill person who needs care so she won't hurt herself or others. But then there is this:

Democratic Underground: LOVE Roseanne! "Re-education camps" for bankers and CEO's. LMAO.

Roseanne has some severe problems as her behavior and her statements over the years have shown. What is txwhitedove's excuse?

Gateway Pundit: Photo of Barack Obama marching with New Black Panthers, 2007

Gateway Pundit has some interesting photos of Barack Obama and the leader of the New Black Panther party speaking from the same podium at the same event in 2007.

But don't expect that to get any more mainstream media coverage than any of Obama's other extremist ties.

Gateway Pundit: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2011/10/shock-photos-barack-obama-marched-with-new-black-panthers-at-2007-selma-rally/

NewsBusted: Biden may drop OBAMA from the ticket.....

NewsBusted: Like 'The Daily Show', only funny.
This episode's topics:
Sep 30, 2011

Topics in today's show:

--A new McClatchy poll finds a solid plurality will definitely vote against Obama in 2012

--Recent Gallup poll shows Obama at lowest approval ever

--S&P has just downgraded Italy's credit rating

--New polling indicates that 47% of Americans think the media are too liberal

--NFL is warning teams to stop faking injuries

--Pittsburgh Macy's closing 6 out of 12 floors

--Arnold Schwarzenegger writing a memoir

--Last week Schwarzenegger addressed the UN about climate change

02 October 2011

Gay 'marriage' agenda causing religious discrimination

Esperanto version
Town clerks in states with legalized Gay 'marriage' will have to change their religious beliefs or lose their jobs. Because town clerks are require to participate in marriages, and because Gay 'marriage' is now falsely considered a 'right', town clerks who are faithful to their Catholic, Evangelical Christian, or Orthodox Jewish faith are now not allowed to hold such positions.

Clerks have even been threatened with criminal prosecution if they so much as ask the Gay couple to go to another clerk. So much for accommodating diversity in the workplace!

A similar thing is happening with social service agencies. Many religious groups have their own social service agencies that, among other things, find adoptive homes for children in need of homes. This started before there were non-religious social service agencies! But in Gay 'marriage' states Christian and Jewish social service agencies must either change their religion or shut their doors.

It reminds me of the early stages in Nazi Germany when Jews began to be driven out of their jobs and out of public life. It wasn't anywhere near as bad as what came later, but it was still bad.

Does that mean I think that death camps for Christians and Orthodox Jews are imminent? Of course not! They will merely lose their jobs for 'discrimination' and be denied the right to homeschool their kids or send them to 'discriminatory' religious schools--- if they don't lose their kids altogether for being 'haters'. Their aim will probably be 'one generation and done', like the animal rights plan for exterminating domestic animals. They don't realize how many people BECOME Christians after being raised as good secularists/atheists!

I don't blame the average Gay person for this discrimination. As a Gay woman myself I know how hard it is to come to the realization that you are Gay, and to worry that you are therefore flawed and unworthy. You start feeling so insecure, and the Gay agenda keeps establishing an ever-receding goal for being accepted as Gay--- once it was enough that your parents didn't kick you out of the house, next they had to accept your Gay partner, and now unless your parents are willing to abandon their religion if that religion won't accept Gay marriage, you aren't REALLY accepted.

It's a matter of low self esteem among Gay people. We grow up surrounded by Gay jokes, snickers and pointing (even from people who would vote for Gay 'marriage' like good lemmings), when we hit the teenage years our first crushes are met by embarrassed stares rather than the possibility of a first kiss. So the false promises of the Progressive/Socialist movement and the Gay activists are very tempting.

The real answer to the Gay person's problem lies in the realm of faith. And not the kind of Metropolitan Community Church* faith where the pastor on Sunday morning jokes about how the congregation must be tired from all their late-night Saturday partying, and where no moral rules regarding human sexuality between consenting adults are taught.

Jesus accepts us. The Bible nowhere states that having a Gay identity or being romantically attracted to same-sex persons is a sin. It doesn't even mention persons with this attraction (any more than it mentions the possibility of being born a hermaphrodite--- a birth defect in which the person has characteristics of both sexes). It's only the actual sexual behavior--- which includes 'lusting in the heart', also known as 'entertaining impure thoughts'---- which is condemned, and it is condemned for both Gay and straight people alike.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church on homosexuality

2358. The number of men and women who have deep-seated homosexual tendencies is not negligible. This inclination, which is objectively disordered, constitutes for most of them a trial. They must be accepted with respect, compassion and sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided. These persons are called to fulfill God's will in their lives and, if they are Christians, to unite to the sacrifice of the Lord's Cross the difficulties they may encounter from their condition.

*The Metropolitan Community Church is a denomination of Gay Christians who do not accept the Biblical teaching against homosexual acts.
Source: Observers see gay agenda threatening religious freedom

The problem of irreligious Christians

They are out there, all around us. People who say they have no religion, but are Christians--- though they usually don't put it quite like that.

What they usually say is something like 'Christianity isn't a religion, it's a relationship with Jesus Christ!' But who ever said that the term 'religion' excluded the possibility of having a personal relationship with the Divine Being(s) of that religion? Ask a Wiccan or Neopagan if they have a personal relationship with one or more of their Gods or Goddesses. Chances are if they actually practice the worship-aspects of the religion rather than just the spell-casting aspects, they do.

Let's be rational. The majority of the Christians in the history of the Church considered Christianity a religion. The majority of Christians around the world today consider Christianity a religion. It's mostly just a segment of American Evangelicals that are going irreligious. So, let's accept it: Christianity is a religion, just like Hinduism, Wicca, Odinism and atheism. It's just that Christianity happens to be a religion established by God (as is Judaism) which is centered in a Church founded by Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Why are there American Christians who want to deny their religion is a religion? It's the way we are raised. Most of us went to atheist public schools where one of the first things you learn is that religion is a bad thing you mustn't mention. I learned and internalized this message at such an early age I don't even remember the shock I must have felt to learn I wasn't supposed to say grace before eating lunch at school. And I started school in 1963 when the culture was still Christian enough that most teachers were still church-going Christians who probably expected that all the GOOD parents sent their children to Sunday school or catechism classes or, if Jewish, Hebrew school, and that this practice made those kids better citizens.

I believe that saying Christianity isn't a religion is actually supporting the religion-is-bad advocates who are responsible for the current upswing in child and teen atheism. Don't let's do it!

Some people may be saying the 'Christianity isn't a religion' thing for purely legal purposes. Because the Supreme Court has falsely ruled that the public schools may not promote 'religion', they figure if they get Christianity accepted as a non-religion they will be allowed to do Christian things in schools like have an elective Bible class or a voluntary morning prayer.

But this is like slapping the hands of the Hydra when you are supposed to be cutting off its head. The fact is Christian teaching is not only not unlawful in public schools, it is the reason that public schools were created in the first place!

The Founding Fathers were convinced that unless the people were believers in God, and in a state of rewards and punishments after death, they could not govern themselves but would fall into anarchy. The schools were to spread Christian moral theology among the people--- even the ones on the frontier where churches of the various denominations might not be readily available.

What the Founding Fathers never would have permitted is the situation we have today, where a non-theistic/anti-theistic religion that denies a state of rewards and punishments after death is not only considered equal to Christianity, but is considered superior, having been established as the official practice of the public school system and other government programs (though they have not yet declared atheism the official religion, perhaps because it is against atheist dogma to admit that they are a religion.

So that is why I call on all Christian believers within reach of my cyber-soapbox to take a stand against irreligious Christianity, and to fight for the right of Christians to be religious in public, just as atheists are allowed to be.

01 October 2011

California leftist teacher will flunk kids who say 'bless you'

A California teacher is threatening to deduct 25 points from students grades every time a student uses the phrase 'bless you' after someone sneezes. Fellow claims it's nothing to do with religion. Just says it's too 'disruptive' when students use common good manners in class.

Wonder if he's willing to ADD points to students who commit acts of rudeness? You know, like interrupting someone--- like, say, a teacher--- when that someone is speaking?

Just goes to show how dumb the atheists are. They just can't figure out the limitations that come with their job descriptions. A teacher may have the authority to tell the kids to take out a paper for a pop quiz, or to require them to read chapter 17 in their propaganda textbook. They don't, however, have the authority to say to the kids 'become an atheist like me for 10 extra points on your exam' or 'if you get your parents to agree to vote to re-elect Hitler--- excuse me, O'bama--- you don't have to do the term paper'.

And if a teacher has the authority to punish kids--- by docking their GRADES--- for saying 'bless you', why couldn't another teacher punish kids in the same way for being rude and NOT saying 'bless you'?

Gateway Pundit: It Begins… California Leftist Teacher Bans “Bless You” From Classroom