01 October 2011

California leftist teacher will flunk kids who say 'bless you'

A California teacher is threatening to deduct 25 points from students grades every time a student uses the phrase 'bless you' after someone sneezes. Fellow claims it's nothing to do with religion. Just says it's too 'disruptive' when students use common good manners in class.

Wonder if he's willing to ADD points to students who commit acts of rudeness? You know, like interrupting someone--- like, say, a teacher--- when that someone is speaking?

Just goes to show how dumb the atheists are. They just can't figure out the limitations that come with their job descriptions. A teacher may have the authority to tell the kids to take out a paper for a pop quiz, or to require them to read chapter 17 in their propaganda textbook. They don't, however, have the authority to say to the kids 'become an atheist like me for 10 extra points on your exam' or 'if you get your parents to agree to vote to re-elect Hitler--- excuse me, O'bama--- you don't have to do the term paper'.

And if a teacher has the authority to punish kids--- by docking their GRADES--- for saying 'bless you', why couldn't another teacher punish kids in the same way for being rude and NOT saying 'bless you'?

Gateway Pundit: It Begins… California Leftist Teacher Bans “Bless You” From Classroom

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