04 October 2011

Candidate Barr advocates re-education camps and beheadings for those richer than she is

Ex-comedienne turned self-proclaimed candidate Roseanne Barr has a lovely policy for those making 100 million (more than her own 75 mil)--- steal their money, if that doesn't work, send them to re-education camps, and if that fails, behead them.

The theft part of her plan shows her ideological link to SCuM--- Socialists, Communists and Marxists. SCuM like to say 'property is theft' but the SCuM leaders are never willing to give me their own personal property even if I ask nicely. (Actually, socialism is theft.)

Roseanne seems to be unaware that even the most ardent advocate of the death penalty shies away from advocating that extreme punishment for anyone other than murderers. To extend it to the innocent--- for there is nothing immoral in a theft victim complaining of the theft--- is beyond the pale.

And re-education camps? These are institutions in which political dissidents are tortured, starved, beaten and brainwashed until they confess their political sins--- like having a grandfather who rented out a room and thus was a part of the landlord class. What Roseanne doesn't understand is that if you beat, starve and torture someone to get them to agree with you, that person is not your friend. He will only say nice things to you because you will hurt him if he doesn't. But he is your enemy for life and will plot your downfall.

I had assumed that most people would take this statement as proof that Roseanne is a profoundly mentally ill person who needs care so she won't hurt herself or others. But then there is this:

Democratic Underground: LOVE Roseanne! "Re-education camps" for bankers and CEO's. LMAO.

Roseanne has some severe problems as her behavior and her statements over the years have shown. What is txwhitedove's excuse?

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