14 October 2011

If marriage is obsolete, why the Gay 'marriage' campaign?

Newsbusters reports on a CBS program promoting the idea that marriage is obsolete. They expressed their disdain in the following words:
''Marriage is an artificial institution. I mean, it's basically a morality cage for men.''

''Think about it. Men are supposed to run around the forest and propagate the species and do it multiple times a day. Do you think that we're supposed to be with one person for the rest of our lives? It's unnatural, and if it was the case we probably would not be sitting here right now.''

''There was a time when women needed a husband. And there are so many places in the world where they do, because otherwise they can't work, they can't support their families, they can't take care of their children. They needed that financial aspect, that financial security. Well now, women take care of themselves.''

'Women were getting married at young ages also because it legitimized their sexual desires and their sex lives, because we couldn't talk about women being sexual outside of wedlock. We don't need that anymore. We have the freedom.''

Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/paul-wilson/2011/10/14/cbs-jumps-anti-marriage-bandwagon#ixzz1alVYIYlI

The question is, if marriage is now all of a sudden a doomed institution which no-one needs, why oh why are the leftists/progressives trying to impose it on the Gay community? Shouldn't they instead be putting effort into convincing the straights to give up on marriage and fool around a little?

The fact is that the initial shock of the AIDS crisis convinced a significant percentage of the Gay community that there might be something wrong with the 'free love' lifestyle. Something deadly, in fact. There was even some talk by rebels in the Gay community about adopting monogamy as a lifestyle, though most wanted to defend the promiscuous lifestyle literally to the death--- the death of those who practiced that lifestyle. [Read "And the Band Played On" by Randy Shilts for details]

And then just as society's sympathy with the Gay community over AIDS reached its peak, this Gay 'marriage' thing came along to keep Gay folk isolated in their Gay communities once again by convincing Christians and conservatives that to be supportive of Gay family members and friends they'd need to give up their commitment to marriage as the normative lifestyle in which to raise emotionally healthy children.

And now, just as Gay 'marriage' has become law in several states, the leftists want us to abandon marriage altogether. What was the whole Gay 'marriage'/marriage equality fight for, then?

[Note: the author of this blog is a Gay female conservative who supports traditional marriage. Deal with it!]

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  1. Good observation! Interesting post.

    It's very topsy-turvy. In college, I had a male hating feminist professor who basically taught that marriage was bondage for women. But she was in a long term monogamous relationship with her female partner (aka gay "marriage"?)and that was just super.

    I suppose what we're seeing is the move to replace straight marriage with gay marriage. I don't think that's healthy for kids. There are times when a gay person must rescue a kid. My teenage daughter's friend was living with his gay uncle and his partner because he parents couldn't keep it together. And he was a good man and a better parent than the real parents. But typically, when possible, I think a kid needs a mom and a dad- a male and female parent. It's the way God set it up and He knew what he was doing. :)


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