22 January 2013

Interview with an Imaginary Gay Marriage Supporter

This is a fictional interview with a Gay marriage supporter I would dearly love to find.

Me: My interview today is with Marriage Jack, who has spent his life working for Gay marriage to be legalized. Tell me, Marriage Jack, what is your approach to Gay sexuality?

Marriage Jack: We start out with outreach to young Gay and Lesbian people who have just come out of the closet. We want to reach them with the message that the right way--- the only healthy way--- to live the Gay life is to remain absolutely chaste before their Gay wedding day.

Me: Have you had much success with that?

Marriage Jack: Oh, yes! Our sign-up sheets for abstinence education classes fill up within minutes. We have a hard time keeping up! We have a brisk business in selling Gay chastity rings, and the room is full when we have ceremonies in which Gay and Lesbian people take the 'True Love Waits' chastity pledge. And they are really living up to their commitments, too!

Me: And yet Gay marriage has only recently become legal in a few states. What did your chaste single Gay and Lesbian people do before that.

Marriage Jack: Why, they stayed chaste, of course. We had engaged Gay and Lesbian couples in their seventies and eighties, who had lived in absolute celibacy in their separate apartments for all those years, until the day came when they could finally be legally united.

Me: Isn't that grand! But, you do know that for a great many people, Gay partnerings can never be considered true marriage, no matter what a batch of  politicians or judges in select states may say. Doesn't that affect you?

Marriage Jack: Well, yes. You see the whole point of having a Gay marriage that is recognized by the state instead of just a private commitment ceremony is that those private ceremonies are so... variable. Some just throw themselves a commitment ceremony on the spur of the moment--- almost as a joke. Not a very sober joke in some cases. They don't tell their family or their work friends about it, and as for the commitment level--- well, they may be partying with other partners within the week. While in other cases the partners in an unrecognized commitment ceremony take it as seriously as a legal wedding.

Me: Are there cases where one partner takes those ceremonies seriously and the other doesn't?

Marriage Jack: That is where the heartbreak comes in. So, you see, we really need Gay marriage, and we need it to be universally accepted as traditional marriage is, just in order to enable us to keep our lives in some sort of moral order. Because promiscuity is a bad thing, a dangerous thing, isn't that something we can agree on?

Me: Yes, we can. A final question: Do you expect that you can turn Gay marriage into what you want and need it to be, within your life time? Both in terms of gaining acceptance of the new institution from the outside world, and in gaining in respect of the moral principles within the Gay and Lesbian community?

Marriage Jack: I don't know, not for sure, but I hope so.

I wrote this to illustrate the point of view I had during a time in my life when I considered that Gay marriage might be a moral answer to the dilemma of life with same-sex attraction. If it criticizes the moral viewpoints of some real-world Gay marriage supporters, well, that's just an added bonus. ;)

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