20 January 2013

Is This Blog 'Legit'?

Is this blog 'legit'? Much depends on how you define 'legit'. If you say 'but none of MY gay friends has THOSE opinions', perhaps your definition of 'legit' is far too narrow.

You may think we live in a very free society, where people are allowed full freedom of expression. You may think that, but it is not true. Certain groups of people suffer under social restrictions on their freedom of expression, viciously enforced.

You may find lots of gay people that are liberal. You may find some gay people who are fiscal conservatives. You may find some gay people who are Christians. But you may not have encountered gay people who don't go along with the new sacred cow of gay 'marriage'.

Is that because there are no people with gay orientation who happen to feel that way? No, it's because that if you dare to suggest that you can be gay and yet not support gay marriage, or that you can be gay and believe a chaste lifestyle is preferable for gay people, or that you can be gay and support the Catholic church or the Bible's teaching about same-sex physical relationships, then you will be attacked. Viciously.

There is no room for 'let's agree to disagree' here. Just expressing these forbidden opinions when you are gay leads to massive attack. In the two days this blog and its related Facebook page have been up, a lot of people who believe that name-calling constitutes a compelling logical argument have interacted with me. I've been called stupid (and I have a Mensa-level IQ), I've been called a liar, I've been called 'crazy' (that's hatespeech for a person with a mental illness).... and guess what? I'm tough enough.

Some people think they have a right to compel me to furnish proof that I am gay. Well, all the proof the left-wing gay celebrities ever have to show is when they say 'I am gay' for the first time. And when was the last time somewhat straight was asked to prove it, unless evidence to the contrary was pretty plentiful.

The fact is that there are no federal databases of gay or straight people. What orientation you are is something going on inside your brain. How do you go about proving it to hateful, homophobic skeptics?

Why would you bother trying to prove such things to haters and homophobes, even gay homophobes? Until they learn not to be haters nothing you say will make a difference anyhow.

For those open-minded readers, of any opinion, who honestly wonder if there is some sort of hoax here: well, I'm a woman. If you were here in person I could show you my driver's license or take off my shirt to prove it. And my orientation or tendency is to be attracted to other woman. Since I have been living a chaste lifestyle, that's kind of hard to prove, too. Even if you follow this blog for awhile, I don't really plan on giving lists of woman I have had crushes on, or the details of my private life (which are boring--- chastity, remember?).

But for this one occasion I'm posting a picture of the character Leeloo from the movie The Fifth Element which I watched last night. In keeping with my long term practice of having crushes on fictional characters, I've had a major crush on Leeloo since I first saw that movie. But that's another thing I couldn't prove in a court of law to the satisfaction of all comers.

I guess sometimes, over time, we just have to learn to trust people. After we've gotten to know them. And that takes time.

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