15 April 2013

World History Shows No Support for Same-Sex Marriage

Take your favorite time machine and go to any past time and any place on Earth, and look for marriage. Whenever/wherever you go, marriage will be between men and women. There are no historical examples of institutional same-sex marriage anywhere.

This is not so surprising. Along with the factor of marriage being between men and women, there is also a global historical perception of marriage being about providing for the children. Other things may differ greatly from time to time and from culture to culture, but these are the essentials.

You will find on your global ventures through history that there is great variation on social attitudes toward same-sex/homosexual relationships. In some times/places, they are condemned as wicked. In other, they are considered trivial, or even incorporated into the culture. But in no place has a positive view of same-sex relationships led to an institution of gay marriage.

It is essential, if you wish to speak intelligently in the debate over marriage, to know the history. But sadly, the level of history teaching in the schools leaves much to be desired, as in the case of a fifth-grade school teacher who confidently proclaimed that the leaders of the two sides in World War Two were Adolf Hitler and George Washington. (One of those answers is wrong.)

When legislative bodies seek to change the ancient, universal meaning of marriage to something new, they will go down in history as being as foolish as the ancient Roman Senate which decided it had the power to make deceased emperors into gods.

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  1. I read most of your blog tonight. I can see why people accuse you of not being 'legit' but I eventually came to believe you were genuine. I appreciate your insightful (and courageous!) comments. Frankly, I am afraid to post this comment because I think it will invite a storm of hate on my own blog.

    Putting that fear aside, I share your concern for people who are caught in the middle of our culture's storm, and I think the church (in general) has 'dropped the ball' regarding its responsibility about caring for, and ministering to, gay people. Sadly, this is true in other arenas as well.


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