30 September 2013

A PA Pastor's Firing and #Religiousfreedom

Fred Karger, a person who habitually complains about NOM, about a recent news story:

"Where's NOM?" We're Right Here Where We've Always Been | NOM Blog

NOM responds in the link above, please read.

To explain--- the PA pastor was fired because the church he was employed by did not agree with the pastor's choice to officiate at a same-sex 'wedding'.

The religious freedom is whether religious congregations have the right to expect that the clergymen they employ follow the teachings of their faith rather than something else. Could a Buddhist congregation fire a clergyman who was preaching the Southern Baptist faith? Could a Baptist congregation fire a pastor who preached that his parishioners ought to abandon Christianity for Judaism?

If congregations are not allowed to choose clergymen based on sharing a common faith, there can be no religious freedom, because no specific, individual religions would be able to continue existing.

In the United States, the First Amendment forbids the government from meddling in these things for good reason, even if the religious group is wrong about things.

The Amish believe in rejecting modern things like automobiles and no one who believes otherwise teaches religion among the Amish. In the old days, many Christian congregations wrongly thought 'race mixing'--- socially or in marriage--- was bad and would not tolerate a pastor who dissented. The Orthodox Jews believe they must keep a strict set of kosher rules including having 2 complete sets of dishes, one for meat and one for dairy, to ensure that dairy and meat foods are not consumed together. A rabbi who advocated against keeping kosher would not be welcome in an Orthodox congregation.

When people get so caught up in their cause--- whether that cause is same-sex 'marriage' or social justice for Black people--- that they are willing to sacrifice an essential freedom like freedom of religion, they are going about it the wrong way. 

[NOM is the National Organization for Marriage.]

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