28 September 2013

SBC touts safeguard for gay-marriage foes

SBC touts safeguard for gay-marriage foes

The link above tells of how the Southern Baptist Convention is supporting a law which would protect people who oppose gay 'marriage'--- the normative position of the human race for millennia-- from discrimination.

This is needed because there are a number of instances in which small businesses have been persecuted, prosecuted, sued, and driven out of business and into hiding by the 'Gay Mafia'--- which I suspect is full of crypto-homophobic straight people.

There is also the instant and overwhelming internet bullying, especially on Facebook, of anyone who disagrees with the gay 'marriage' agenda. One friend of our FB page has been stalked and harassed around Facebook and had people put up pages using her name and Facebook profile picture so that they could post insults on Facebook pages under her name.

This bullying doubles and triples if you are an LGBT person who dares step out of line and support traditional marriage, or an 'ex-gay'.

But then, the major purpose of the Gay Mafia is to keep LGBT people in line, isolated from the normal straight world including the conservative and Christian portions of it, and voting for Democrats out of fear if for no other reason.

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