03 October 2013

Talking about Children-of-God with Gender Issues

Talking about children-of-God with gender issues* can be hard. I mean, no matter how sensible and right-minded they are, I don't know how they will feel if I say something that highlights their biological gender that they are not comfortable with. Yet I keep wanting to call them brother or sister as the (biological) case may be and then stop myself. Because just because it's biologically true doesn't mean I need to throw it in their face, perhaps causing them distress.

And yet all the political forces DEMANDING that I refer to all transgender/gender-issue people as if they were the gender they psychologically are gets my back up and makes me feel like I'm giving in to THEM, the left-wing/Marxist/progressive forces, if I go along.

And the poor gender-issue children-of-God are caught in the middle, and they are hurting. I pray for them, on my knees at times (which ain't easy in the shape I'm in), and wish I could do more.

Gender-issue children-of-God have got it tough. They are mocked, bullied and made light of--- even by people who ideologically demand LGBT equality! Their issues may cause them great psychological suffering, even as Christ has suffered for us. I think such people--- even the difficult, argumentative ones--- are victim souls and God has special love for them.

I think I shall develop a policy, when I write about a case where a child-of-God has gender issues, I shall use the psychological gender terms, but in quotes to indicate it's not the biological gender. Which I am sure will mightily anger activists on both sides, and not fully please the children-of-God for whom this issue is important.

But for me it's not a compromise of my beliefs. It's an act of reparation and sacrifice I make before God, to ask for help, healing and salvation for his gender-issue children. And if I have to endure harsh criticism, I offer it up to God.

*gender issues --- for me this includes ordinary transgender people--- the man who feels inside he is a woman--- as well as people who don't identify with either gender. Just anyone who, when asked if they are male or female, may feel a need to check a third box: 'it's complicated.'

Link: SSA Souls as Victim Souls

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