07 October 2013

What the Pope is Really Saying about Sexual Morality and other things...


The blog post above--- please click on the link to read it--- has some very insightful things to say about the things Pope Francis has been saying that have been so misunderstood.

And, in general about how Christians should approach the hurting, sinning, sad and often angry people of the world--- not with rule books in hand, though the moral rules are quite important, but with love in our hearts and on our lips.

My own conversion story is not one of me hearing people saying 'God condemns you, you wicked homosexual', and me agreeing. It's the story of finding the love of God, and hearing THAT from Christians. (And once I had begun to be accepting of that love, I gradually began to be able to accept some of the hard-to-live-by rules.)

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