R U Really Gay?

I keep getting asked if I am really gay. Well, actually, I keep getting told that I am a liar and that I am not really gay. And so I am attempting to straighten that out.

1. I am a woman. I don't really know how to prove that, though. I'm NOT posting my birth certificate or any other bit of personal information. Nor do I intend to post photographs of the gender-specific but private bits of my body as I am Not That Kind of Girl.

2. My tendency is to fall in love with women. I am NOT going to share any private details here either. But I do have a tendency, since childhood on, to develop mad crushes on fictional chicks, usually the alien chicks from sci-fi programs on TV. So I will share a few of my favorites.

Amy Pond from Doctor Who. I hadn't expected to like her so much. I liked Rose, the companion from earlier seasons of Doctor Who. But as Amy's story unfolded, I came to like her more and more.

 Leeloo from The Fifth Element. So adorable I could even forgive her falling in love with Bruce Willis.
River Song from Doctor Who, who turned out to be the daughter of Amy Pond.

The Racnoss Empress from Doctor Who: she's red, she's got lots of eyes, she kills people--- what's not to love?
Angelique from the old gothic soap opera, Dark Shadows. I used to hurry home from school so I could watch that show. And I remember worrying about thinking about Angelique all the time, and whether that meant I was gay....
 Vastra, the lizard woman from the dawn of time, also from Doctor Who. While the whole thing was a bit of a propaganda pitch for gay marriage, I still loved it. Lizard women are the best!

 Maya, the shape-shifting alien from the television show Space 1999.

Chantho was an alien who began every sentence with 'chan' and ended it with 'tho'. Which was annoying enough that Derek Jacobi killed her. Another Doctor Who alien chick.

So, I am a woman, attracted to women. And girl aliens. That ought to be gay enough for anyone. But then the objections come: "But I don't know any gay women with your opinions, so you can't possibly be gay!" 

*Sigh*. Gay is not a political party or affiliation. It's about who you are attracted to in a romantic/sexual sense. We are allowed to have our own opinions, just like regular people. Even if we are overly fond of red spidery alien women from Doctor Who.


  1. So, does it follow that you have resigned yourself to living a life of celibacy? If I am correct in my understanding, the sin is in acting upon the romantic feeling, not necessarily the attraction itself. Sort of like a straight woman attracted to a married man. The attraction is only wrong if elaborated upon or acted upon. we can't always control our thoughts or desires, but we can control our behavior.

  2. At this stage of my life, celibacy is more a 'joyfully embrace' than 'resign myself to' thing.

    And you are right, the attractions or romantic feelings are not sin. It's when you act on the feelings by actual sex sin or even by intentional 'impure thoughts/fantasies' that sin arises. (Because if we intentionally decide to think obsessively about a wrong thing--- from gay sex to adulterous sex to retail theft to serial killing--- that's wrong, in part because such obsessive thoughts can lead to doing the real thing.)


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