Spiritual Adoption of an Unknown LGBT Person

Spiritual adoption is a tradition of using daily prayer to aid some person, often unknown, who may be in spiritual or physical danger. Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen suggested that we spiritually adopt unborn children in danger of abortion. Others adopt unbelieving persons, or priests, or others in need of our prayers.

Because we who support man-woman marriage can become frustrated or angry with people on the other side who mock our views, especially those who are LGBT/same-sex attracted, it is important to handle the situation with prayer. That is why I suggest spiritual adoption of an LGBT/same-sex attracted person.

To pick an unknown LGBT/same-sex attracted person means we are letting God decide who needs our prayers the most. We can at the same time pray for one or more known LGBT persons, of course.

Here is a suggested prayer, based on the Fulton J. Sheen prayer for the spiritual adoption of unborn babies:

Heavenly Father [or Jesus, Mary and Joseph, or Lord Jesus Christ], I love you very much. I beg you to provide help to the LGBT/same-sex attracted person who is in spiritual danger and is most in need of my prayers. Amen.

1. Though the 'spiritual adoption' idea is Catholic it can be used by any Christian. Persons of other faiths, or any person at all willing to pray, can also adapt this idea. It would be wonderful to also have Jews and Muslims and Buddhists joining together in prayer on this, even though we don't agree on many faith issues.

2. You can add other prayers to your spiritual adoption work, depending on your faith tradition. Catholics might like to pray the rosary or pray in front of the Blessed Sacrament. Others may have other prayer methods they would like to use. Do whatever you think is pleasing to God.

3. Our prayers go out both to gay activists who promote gay marriage, and to Christians with same-sex attraction who are struggling with temptations.

4. Prayer and fasting are a powerful combination. So when you fast or make sacrifices of things, let this be added to your spiritual adoption prayers.

5. Learn more about the struggles of LGBT people, both those on our side in the defend-marriage cause, and those on the other side. Practice loving even the most difficult ones and praying for them.

The children at Fatima reported that the Blessed Mother told them 'Many souls go to hell because there are none to sacrifice themselves and to pray for them.'

Even if you sometimes have doubts about the power of prayer, know that praying for a person who is in a group that you sometimes see as 'the enemy' also has psychological effects on you--- you become more understanding and kinder to LGBT people and less likely to say something harsh and cruel. So let that thought keep you praying even at times when God seems far from you.

To spiritually adopt an Unknown LGBT person: 
1. Pray the prayer above, or an adaptation of it suitable to your faith.
2. Commit to praying for this unknown LGBT person every day, perhaps along with other known LGBT persons.
3. If you like, give your LGBT person a name or nickname to help you see him/her as an individual, real person.
4. If you like, comment on this post to affirm you have made this commitment.

Thanks to the person who made the graphic for me. I'm not telling the name here to keep that person unharassed, but I really appreciate this.


  1. I will be praying! Thanks for setting this up!


  2. I am going to be doing this. Thank you so much for telling us about this. I have shared this blog article.


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